Cape Town Hank’s Old Irish Pub called out for a racist incident

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A Cape Town drinking establishment has been called out for a racist incident after a video has gone viral on social media.

In the clip, Christopher Logan, who is a friend of Thabiso Danca, the victim, is confronting the owner, after Danca was denied entry.

Danca claims the bouncer said, according to Hank’s Old Irish Pub’s right of admission policy, he needed to be accompanied by a white person.

Video: Cape Town Hank’s Old Irish Pub called out for a racist incident: Thabiso Danca & Christopher Logan

The pub has since issued a media statement on the matter, saying in their 30 years of service, they have never instructed their staff to allow or disallow entrance based on race and colour.

According to the statement, an internal investigation is underway, but a case of assault has been opened against Danca’s friends.

Logan and his brother have also filed a counter-assault case against the pub.

Editor’s Note:  Please be aware that the final paragraph of this story has been updated to reflect the correct statement.