Brazil BRICS Business Council adopts plan to enhance trade within bloc

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Chairperson of the Brazil BRICS Business Council Jose Serrador says the council has adopted a plan of action to enhance trade within the bloc.

He says the council aims to explore value chains to identify opportunities among the BRICS member states and to showcase areas of investment.

Serrador was speaking ahead of the start of the BRICS Heads of State Summit in Sandton, Johannesburg.

He says, “We are not only on bold free trade statements, we go into the supply chains to identify specific opportunities for integration, and we are not only talking about intra-BRICS trade, we are talking about trade with the African continent as well. We have proposed an airlift strategy which will be a comprehensive plan to make sure that we have air connection between the BRICS countries, because without air connection there is no flow of tourism, particularly the business people who are travelling promoting business, investing and doing trade.”

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