Botswana’s Masisi confident of free and fair elections

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Botswana president Mokgweetsi Masisi says he’s confident of a free and fair election as his country will be going to the polls on Wednesday. Masisi took his party Botswana Democratic Party’s  (BDP) campaign to the rural parts of the country, to wrap up his campaigns before the midnight cut off time.

The BDP has also refuted claims that it is using state resources to intimidate members of the opposition.

Botswana is home to just over 2 million people, 925 000 of whom have registered to cast their votes in the 12th general elections.

Masisi has ruled out any possibilities of disruptions.

“There is no crisis. Nothing unexpected will happen. Even in the settlement of any dispute that may arise, the judiciary of Botswana remains impeccably honest.”

Masisi has dispelled allegations that the BDP is using the intelligence services to harass the opposition.

“Not any time do I give instructions to any of those institutions or to Botswana police. They have their own acts. Boko is lawyer for Pete’s sake, but I am doubtful he acts within the parameters of the law.”

BDP followers are confident of a convincing victory.

It has already done a lot. And so many people, even those who are against the party, they have achieved what they have achieved because of the BDP.”

Masisi says his party is not worried that it goes to these elections with its former president, Ian Khama, working with the opposition following the fall-out between the two.