Bok fans looking forward to Sunday’s clash against Romania

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Rugby fans in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo have shown support to the Springboks ahead of their second game in the World Cup underway in France.

The tournament is the tenth men’s Rugby World Cup and the second to be hosted by France.

Some residents in Louis Trichardt, Jean Viljoen and Lindi Yzel say they have high hopes for the Springboks against Romania.

“We believe that South Africa is going to do very well; we got a good play, I mean we just lost one of our good players outside but it’s fine we got enough, more than replacements for them. I mean the team is very strong we are standing second in the world so yeah for Sunday it’s going to be very well. I am very excited for our team I am very hopeful I think we stand a really good chance this weekend actually to get to win it I am really excited and I am really positive about it.”