Block on licence disc renewals due to outstanding fines temporarily lifted

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The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) says people should not be blocked from renewing their car licence discs because of outstanding fines.

This follows the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) temporary lifting of the block.

The block is expected to be lifted until the agency’s investigation into the matter is completed.

OUTA’s Executive Director of the Accountability Division, Stefanie Fick, urged vehicle owners to take advantage of the lift to renew their licence discs.

“So, while they’re conducting this investigation, although the enforcement will remain on system, they’ve lifted that block which prevents people from renewing their license. They can never ever stop you from renewing your license if you have only outstanding fines. It is only in terms of legislation when there’s an enforcement order – and an enforcement order can only be issued if the RTIA followed a certain procedure.”

Online renewals 

The South African Post Office last year launched a service for drivers to renew their motor vehicle licence disc online.

The renewal process including payment can be done online, and the disc can then be collected from a Post Office or delivered to one’s door.

Spokesperson for the South African Post Office, Johan Kruger, stated that the online service is a convenient and safe way for motorists to renew their vehicle licences.