Coligny murder case continues

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An advanced cardiac life support paramedic on Tuesday testified in the North West High Court in Mahikeng. Sarie Rajan said that 15-year-old Mathlomola Mosweu did not receive proper emergency care on the scene after he sustained injuries in an incident in April last year.

Pieter Doorewaard and Phillip Schutte handed themselves over to police a few days after the incident, and have since been charged with the teenager’s murder.

They said they caught Mathlomola stealing sunflower and that he jumped from the bakkie on their way to the police station.  But state witness Bonakele Pakisi, testified that he saw Mathlomola being thrown from the vehicle.

Sarie Rajan, a paramedic with more than 20 years’ experience says, Mathlomola’s neck fracture, would have left him a quadriplegic, but not necessarily, dead. Instead, she was of the opinion, that the cause of death was blood on the lungs left untreated by paramedics.

According to the Patient Report Form, which by law, it reflects all treatment administered. Mathlomola was not fitted with a neck brace, his airway wasn’t cleared, and the blood not suctioned from his lungs.

The state argued that the cause of death was indicated as blunt force trauma to the neck.  And that the Emergency Care Technician of the state who treated Mathlomola was not qualified to administer.

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