North West High Court to hand down judgment of disgruntled ANC members

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The North West High Court in Mahikeng is expected to hand down judgment in the case of a group of disgruntled ANC members today.

The group wants the court to nullify the 9th ANC provincial conference which was held in Rustenburg three months ago. The party members allege that they were removed from the first and second leg of the provincial conference and delegates who were not on the list substituted them.

When the court sat last week, legal representatives of both parties submitted their arguments to the court. The applicants say the conference went ahead, while some delegates were yet, be to accredited while others, had duplicated accreditation.

But the ANC argued, that all disputes were dealt with accordingly and that the court must dismiss the matter with cost.

In October 2022, the disgruntled  ANC members went to the North West High Court in Mahikeng  again to declare the party provincial conference unlawful. The ninth provincial conference was held in Rustenburg in August.

The members are questioning the legitimacy of the conference and insist there were irregularities and non-compliance with the party’s constitution. They first approached the court in August to challenge the outcome of the provincial conference. Their application was dismissed as the court found that the matter was not urgent.

North West High Court dismisses urgent application by ANC members over candidates list: 3 June 2022