The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape has noted the decision by former Eastern Cape premier and DA member, Nosimo Balindlela to rejoin the ANC.

The DA has released a statement thanking her for her service but regrets that she’s moving back to the ruling party. DA provincial leader, Nqaba Bhanga believes her decision is misguided.

She stepped down as premier in 2008 after being pressured by the ANC and rejoined the Legislature as DA member in November 2016.

DA provincial leader, Nqaba Bhanga says, “She has been persuaded by the president of the ANC to go and participate in the ANC, building the ANC. She was one woman that we loved all of us, she meant a lot to us, she still means a lot to us. She remains our mum.

“People take decisions, we appreciate the decision that she has done whatever she has taken in a dignified way. But we still believe she made a mistake because the DA is the future of the republic of South Africa.”