Azapo takes elections campaign to Kimberley

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The president of Azanian People Organisation (Azapo), Strike Thokoane has conducted a door-to-door campaign at Galeshewe Township, near Kimberley, Northern Cape.

The campaign comes as the party is gunning for more support for the upcoming national general elections in May.

Azapo has kicked off its three-day campaign in the city.

The party has seen its support dwindle over the years since the 1994 elections.

Azapo says its campaign focuses on issues that are affecting the people.

Thokoane says, “Our campaigns have become different than what we have done before. And that happens because the political space is open. It is the same thing; consistency to talk to the people and to talk about the issues that are affecting them.”

“The issue of the land, that’s very primary. It has affected our people before 1994, and until now. So, you need an organisation to stay with that message until it dwells in their minds.”

Staunch supporters of Azapo say the party has remained true. Residents have welcomed the visit.

Azapo is expected to continue its three-day electioneering campaign in other areas in the Northern Cape.

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