The African Transformation Movement (ATM) has lodged a formal complaint with the IEC related to alleged irregularities the party wants investigated.

Among the allegations put forward by the party are those of double voting, the lack of scanners as well as unstamped ID documents and ballot papers.

The ATM is not alone in its dismay, other parties are also fuming. They question the fairness of the election.

ATM Spokesperson, Zama Ntshona, says that their main concern is alleged vote rigging and the indelible ink. Their other concern is that people were able to vote at multiple voting stations without being detected.

Other parties are contemplating lodging formal complaints of their own.

IFP Provincial Spokesperson, Thabo Mandila, says that, although they are aware that the system is dysfunctional they intend on filing objections. He says that they party believes that all this was deliberate.

UDM Provincial Spokesperson, Sphelele Jubase, says that because there was no proper system of marking, they believe that anyone could have gone to different voting stations. Jubase says that the lack of marking infrastructure allowed for people to do as they please.

The IFP and the UDM say they too suspect that double voting did take place.