APC is targeting 1 million votes

Themba Godi
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The African People’s Convention (APC) has hit the campaign trail in the Eastern Cape. Party delegates led by its president, Themba Godi, touched down in Stutterheim to convince voters to choose the party.

The town was the scene of a number of violent service delivery protests over the past few months.

The APC holds one seat in the National Assembly, but the party has no provincial representation in the Eastern Cape legislature. Godi says 1 million votes are the target set by the party in the up-coming election.

“We believe that 1 million votes will give us 25 seats; that will be enough for us to play a decisive role in governance and the way government policies are shaped.”

The party visited the local taxi rank to present its list of promises, but people are weary of political parties. Taxi driver Bonga Duma says that political parties only come to them when they need votes.

“The problem with these political parties is that they only come to us when they need our votes and disappear afterwards. We want to see them even after elections.”

The APC will be visiting other parts of the province throughout the week.