Another death of a student recorded at Fort Hare

University of Fort Here
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A third student from Fort Hare University student in the Eastern Cape has died after allegedly been killed by a fellow student. Siphumle Nazo died of his injuries in the Frere Hospital in East London after he was allegedly hit on the head with an iron bar.

The incident happened at the Marikana Residence on the Alice Campus.

University Spokesperson, Tandi Mapukata says the suspect is in police custody.

In February, the 24-year Yonela Boli was stabbed to death allegedly by his girlfriend while another student, Olwethu Tshefu was also stabbed to death near the Alice Campus.

In this video below, an eye witness details circumstances leading up the stabbing:

Nogemane was suspended by Fort Here University:

Fort Hare murder accused student Yolanda Nogemane was suspended by the University of Fort Hare. She was accused of the murder of fellow student Yonela Boli, who was fatally wounded in a stabbing incident.

It is alleged that an argument ensued between the two in on the 9th of February following a night of drinking. The 24-year-old student was rushed to hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.