ANCYL hits out at Zuma, questions his tenure as President

Jacob Zuma
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The African National Congress (ANC) Youth League has hit out at former President Jacob Zuma, questioning if he did any good as head of state. ANC Youth League Secretary-General Mntuwoxolo Ngudle says more damage than good, was done during Zuma’s tenure.

The League has called on South Africans to question the trajectory of the country under Zuma and not to be confused by the MK Party’s rhetoric.

“Which future can he led by an 80+ year old?” says Ngudle.

The gloves are off. The Youth League has come out swinging in defence of the ANC, that is facing an onslaught from its former President Zuma.

League Secretary-General Mntuwoxolo Ngudle says Zuma has caused more harm to the party than any other former President.

“How does he defend the ANC when he has put it in more trouble than any other President that has led the ANC. He says he wants to defend it when we are defending it against his tendencies. We are now trying to clean the ANC out of the shackles of an individual called President Zuma and we have been trying to avoid until he now wants to steal the heritage of the ANC,” Ngudle added.

The Youth League also speculated if Zuma was being used by foreign intelligence agencies.

“We wonder whether President Zuma is not captured by the foreign intelligence units in order to subvert the democratic gains of this country. History and time will tell whether he is not captured by those foreign intelligence units seeking regime change in this country,” Ngudle explains.

Comparing ANC Presidents, Ngudle says under Zuma, the country and the ANC regressed in stature internationally.

“And this is the question we’re saying, press people of South Africa, young people in particular must begin to ponder, what have we built. Instead, we have seen destruction of democratic institutions including sorry, under his leadership. Now, he is trying to steal from the ANC its own heritage under President Ramaphosa,” Ngudle elaborates.

The League says the youth must not be easily fooled by those who want to the drag the country down the wrong path.