ANC will only announce mayoral candidates after elections: Mabuza

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African National Congress (ANC) Deputy President David Mabuza says they have decided that they will not be announcing ANC mayoral candidates for the upcoming local government elections until voting is done.

He says this is to avoid internal battles as people fight for positions at the municipal level.

In the 2016 municipal elections, the ANC lost control of the City of Tshwane to the Democratic Alliance (DA) due to the issue of preference on those who shall be taking positions in the council.

Mabuza says they will now make announcements after the elections, interview and vet those candidates before they resume their duties.

He was in Mamelodi, Pretoria on the campaign trail this morning.

“We have realised that probably this is not the right way to do it, to announce mayoral candidates before the elections because people are fighting for these positions. So, we will announce our mayoral people after the elections. We will interview them so that this must not really interfere with the voting process, people must go and vote, they must not get angry because they support a certain person.”


He has spoken out for the first time about his state of health, since coming back from Russia seeking medical attention. He says he is feeling fine, fresh, and ready to do his work as the second in command, in government.

Mabuza spent a long time in Russia and came back in recent weeks.

Mabuza says come rain or sunshine, he is determined to do his work.

“You can see, I’m walking, I’m good now and I’m looking well after myself, I’m exercising. So, I’m back to normal. I’ve got good doctors that are looking after me, so I’m okay.”