The African National Congress (ANC) Caucus in the City of Cape Town has called on the council to re-instate Mayor Patricia de Lille’s executive powers, which were removed earlier.

The ANC has also welcomed Wednesday’s High Court ruling that has set aside the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) decision to terminate De Lille’s membership, as unlawful.

Judge Andre le Grange ruled that the DA’s Federal Legal Commission, the legal body within the DA that terminated her membership, had been improperly constituted and that the DA has flouted its own constitution.

ANC Chief Whip in the City Thandi Makasi has welcomed the judgment.

“It has once proven to us that the DA has been wasting resources to deal with one particular individual because they failed to deal with her internally now they must stop doing this fighting  and deal with the issue of delivering services to Cape Townians.”

De Lille says she will be back in court on Thursday, where the DA is expected to give evidence to back the allegations of misconduct leveled against her in an internal party report.

The DA has said it will appeal the ruling.

De Lille says the DA needs to admit that it did not follow due process when dealing with the matter.

” Today I’ve heard the DA attacking the three judges, the full bench. They started attacking my advocate instead of just admitting that they did not follow due process. That’s exactly the reason why I’m back in court tomorrow (Thursday). Because all of these untested allegations that you’ve just mentioned. We’ve asked the DA please to provide us with the evidence so that it can be tested under a due process.”

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