ANC staff members to picket outside NASREC over non-payment of salaries

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African National Congress (ANC) staff members are expected to hold a picket outside NASREC in Johannesburg over the non-payment of salaries.

Staff members allege that they have not been paid for two months.

Delegates and dignitaries are expected to gather at NASREC for the gala dinner hosted by the ANC.

This as the party prepares to hold its policy conference later this week.

Earlier this week, workers held another picket outside Luthuli House over the same matter.

ANC staff member representing the disgruntled worker Mandla Qwane says, “The picket is intended to raise awareness especially those who will be coming in to dine and enjoy the wines and the food here. As they enjoy in that venue, there are families that are going to sleep without food and those families are families of members of staff who serve the ANC on a daily basis, who sacrifice their time, who sacrifice their energies, their skills and everything that they know to make sure that the ANC functions, to make sure that the ANC succeeds in all programmes, all activities and all organisational activities that the ANC engages in on a daily basis.”

VIDEO: Threats by ANC staff members to disrupt party’s Policy Conference over salaries: Mvusi Mdala

North West

Disgruntled ANC workers in the North West have vowed to embark on lunch hour picketing outside the party’s provincial offices in Mahikeng.

Workers include those from the province’s four regional offices and the provincial office.

The action by staff members is as a results of non-payment of their salaries for two months. These workers, protested in 2021 and earlier this year over the same issue.

ANC staff members in the North West, have joined their colleagues from across the country who have not been paid for two months.

In March this year, they downed tools. This was after the party failed to pay their salaries for three months.

However, following some fund raising by the party’s provincial leadership, their salaries were paid.

Now, it seems the problem of non-payment of salaries, has resurfaced.

Spokesperson for the disgruntled members Confidence Mosime says,” This is the second month that the ANC provincial office is not being paying us, with no reasons that have been stipulated to us that, the held up has been one or two reasons that have been stated to us. This has impacted on us because some of us are staying very far, we using public transport and food also because you can’t go hungry.”

Mosime says just like their colleagues in Luthuli House, who have threatened to disrupt the party’s policy conference this weekend, they too will not participate in the forthcoming provincial conference to be held within the next two weeks.

” We support the provincial conference. If they involve us, having paid us we will actively participate.”

Financial difficulties

The ANC Provincial Interim Committee (IPC) says although it has been experiencing financial difficulties, the situation has improved.

Spokesperson for the IPC Kenny Morolong says employees will be paid in the next few days.

Morolong says, “We are greatly concerned on how the state of our finances has impacted the lives of employees of our movement. We can however confirm that our financial position has improved, and that we are finalising paying our salaries and we should be able to pay them in the next few days. It is however regrettable that the state of our finances have impacted for the lives of families of ANC employees. These very employees who continue to serve our movement with utmost commitment.”

Additional reporting by Patrick Dintwa.