The African National Congress (ANC) list conference in the Northern Cape is going ahead as planned.

The Kimberley High Court has dismissed an application by some disgruntled members of the party to halt the conference.

The disgruntled members will have to pay for all legal costs. The disgruntled members argued that the current Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) was not elected lawfully and therefore have no authority to hold the list conference.

It’s all systems go for the Northern Cape ANC List Conference. This is despite the discontentment of some ANC members who opted to litigate.

ANC Provincial Chairperson Zamani Saul says “We were ready for them long time ago because we know that this is meritless and frivolous litigation against the ANC whenever we embark on organisational processes we always make it a point that we stick to the letter of the rules.”

The members, who also have two other cases against the Executive Committee, say the courts were their last hope. They maintain they had exhausted all internal processes to show the illegality of the Executive Committee.

ANC member Eric Khotseng says, “This people are illegal to begin with, unlawful processes. We are giving the asylum to the mad people to run again.”

The Executive Committee maintains efforts to halt the list conference are not reflective of a party in disarray.

Saul says, “If you got members of the ANC who want to behave like lunatics, lose canons that can’t be our problem. We have 47 000 members of the ANC in the province and only five of them took us to court.”

The PEC says they will endorse the decision to discipline the members that took them to court.