ANC January 8 statement brought policy uncertainty: Analyst

Cyril Ramaphosa
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Political analyst, Ralph Mathekga, says he does not believe the African National Congress‘ January 8 statement delivered any breakthroughs in political direction.

The party turned 108 last week, celebrating with an event in Kimberley on Saturday.

The ANC’s annual statement also set the tone for the party’s activities for the rest of the year.

Mathekga says he believes the statement brought about policy uncertainty.

“We have not had any breakthrough when it comes to the political direction. It is the same. I think what came out, or became clearer after the January 8 statement, is the stance or intensity of policy divisions within the ANC and across the alliance.”

“If we had policy uncertainty before this statement, and we did not have this statement, we would be better off because this statement brought policy uncertainty with the alliance and the ANC.”

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