There is uncertainty and division in the Northern Cape, African National Congress (ANC) as councillors in various municipalities go against party policy to vote with the opposition.

In the Sol Plaatje and Phokwane municipalities ANC councillors were fired from their positions after they defied party instructions and voted with opposition parties to elect a mayor and speaker not approved by the party.

But party members have hit back. They accuse provincial secretary, Deshi Ngxanga of interfering in municipal councils.

There has been a bitter war of words between the provincial ANC and its deployed cadres, despite the party insisting that it is united. The provincial secretary has admitted that four out five regions that make up the provincial party are facing deep divisions.

Party members say the problems lie at the door of Provincial Executive Committee (PEC). Ngxanga admits that the party is facing ill-discipline in the province.

He insists that they will not tolerate members who fail to follow the mandate of the party.

“If you are found to defy ANC mandates, the ANC will be harsh on you in particular if ANC councillors decide to collude with the opposition.”

The ANC says it has sent delegations to regions to address divisions within branches.