ANC councillor candidates sign pledge to end corruption

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African National Congress (ANC) President Cyril Ramaphosa has led a roll-out call event for councillors in which nearly 10 000 candidates have signed a pledge ahead of the November local government elections.

The candidates have pledged to end corruption, fraud, and patronage. Ramaphosa was speaking at the event in Alberton, Ekurhuleni.

“Candidates have made this pledge as part of the ANC’s commitment to do better and be better. They have just pledged to correct what has gone wrong and to fix our mistakes. There are also areas where we have done well but we have also said that we are going to do better because we are the ANC. “

He says the party has demonstrated that it is serious about dealing with corruption.

“We have confronted corruption and state capture. We have rebuilt public institutions and started to revitalise state-owned enterprises. We have undertaken mass public employment programmes and driven far-reaching reforms. We have demonstrated that we will not stand for wrongdoing, no matter who is involved. We will not protect any ANC leader, public representative, or member who faces allegations of corruption or other serious offences. The law must take its course.”

ANC President Ramaphosa leads an inaugural roll call for councillor candidates:

Ramaphosa acknowledged the mistakes of the party.

“We know that there are areas where we have disappointed them, where services have not been delivered, where corruption and mismanagement have taken hold, where infrastructure has not been properly maintained. We know that there are councillors who have not listened to the concerns of people, have not explained the problems, have not offered solutions – councillors who have grown distant and who have appeared unconcerned. ”

The party aims to do better.

“Though there will be days when the tasks of renewal will be difficult, when correcting our mistakes may be painful, we are determined to restore our movement and rebuild our country.”