ANC accuse MK party of intimidating its members

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The governing ANC has claimed that their members are facing incidents of intimidation in KwaZulu-Natal, with the uMkhonto weSizwe party being the reason behind their woes.

The province of KZN is the party’s stronghold and has become a political battleground for several parties.

Speaking on the sidelines of the party’s 2024 Manifesto Launch was Cosatu President, Zingiswa Losi, says, “It is not the first breakaway and we have seen the unity of the ANC after these breakaways. We have even seen comrades from the party refuse to join the MK party that was formed but also I must say, as Cosatu, that during our programs when we were meeting with workers, we have also seen intimidation that was coming from MK party members that decided that they were going to places where we were having meetings to cause disruptions there and that’s not how a force to be reckoned with have to behave.”

Meanwhile, Losi has described former President Jacob Zuma’s break-up with the ANC as an opportunity for the party to renew itself.

Zuma was suspended by the ANC at the end of January after he pledged support for the newly-formed uMkhonto weSizwe.

“But I think with all the challenges that the ANC has faced with the recent breakaway now, what we have seen is the renewal of the ANC because even those that ordinarily would’ve aligned themselves with the former President Jacob Zuma, we began to see them speaking about the renewal, choosing to remain in the ANC and to not follow,” says Losi.

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