AmaZulu regiments asked to be on time for Buthelezi’s funeral

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KwaZulu-Natal Police Commissioner Lt-General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi has called on members of the AmaZulu regiments to arrive on time for the official funeral service of the late Traditional Prime Minister Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi tomorrow so that they do not disturb the proceedings.

Amabutho accompany Prince Buthelezi’s body to his home:

Mkhwanazi has also made a call on the owners of liquor outlets in Ulundi to close for the duration of the service. Mkhwanazi says it is important that supporters and mourners are able to grieve in a safe and dignified manner.

“What we need to recognize first is that none of these people had to give us a notice for this gathering happening, it is a government event and this is a funeral that has been categorized by the State President by default. We are going to expect people to attend, the status of the person is going to be buried speaks for itself. We are expecting a number of buses that are going to be coming from the rest of the province that are going to be coming here. It can’t be then us as South African Police Service or law enforcement agencies to make them suffer when they are mourning, we are going to give them that opportunity to mourn and express themselves in however way they want to express themselves. Thus far we are happy how they behaved.”

Meanwhile, National Deputy Police Commissioner Tebello Mosikili says intelligence have not identified any threats associated with the funeral service of Buthelezi.

She says the Zulu regiments are allowed to carry their traditional weapons.

“We know the Zulu tradition and we know the person we are going to honour in this particular funeral and the stature of the Zulu nation in terms of Amabutho, so they will be allowed to carry their traditional weapons. It is a norm, we do have colleagues that we are working with and Amakhodi that have assured us they will make sure that any misbehaviour is attended to and is controlled. Because there is no threat, there is no point in bringing the firearm. We have the police contingency here and other law enforcement agencies that will ensure the safety of the people. There is no point as to why the firearm should be carried.”