AmaMpondomise King Matiwane takes second wife, Princess Langa

Traditional wedding
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The amaMpondomise King Luzuko Matiwane has taken his second wife, Princess Siyonwabele Langa, in a customary marriage, as instructed by his nation.

According to customs, the first wife will remain an ordinary wife, while the chosen princess will enjoy more benefits than the queen mother of the nation.

African traditions allow for a King to have more than one wife. The amaMpondomise kingdom, situated in the Tsolo/Qumbu area in the Eastern Cape, had just recently had their kingship restored.

The nation’s spokesperson, Lulama Ngcukaitobi, says Princess Siyonwabele Langa will give birth to the son that will take over the spear of kingship as a form of succession.

“The queen must agree if the king has to take another wife, so there is no problem as long as there is an agreement and it’s a practice in a democratized fashion. Even cultures evolve as you know so even the polygamy itself is an evolving cultural practice.”

The tradition of polygamy questioned

Gender activists are opposed to cultural practices that violate women and children’s rights.

Activist Nomsisi Batha says the practices violating women’s rights must end.

“This scourge of polygamous marriages must come to an end. I know that some of the people will say as an activist I should be aware that traditions and cultures are protected by the Constitution but if they violate other people’s rights then they should not be done. They should come to an end.”