Activists call for Miss Universe pageant boycott

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South Africans have expressed mixed feelings about Miss South Africa participating in the Miss Universe beauty pageant to be held in Israel next month.

On Friday, about 100 people gathered outside the Johannesburg headquarters of the Miss South Africa organisers, calling for the withdrawal of Lalela Msane from the international event.

The protest was organised by Africa for Palestine. It was attended by people from different organisations including, political parties and pressure groups.

Mapaila, Mandela join the protest to boycott the Miss Universe pageant:

The protesters say although they are proud of Miss South Africa’s achievements, she has a lot of work to do here at home, rather than participating in a county that is oppressing the people of Palestine.

However,  not everyone agrees.

“It’s disheartening to see a humanitarian organisation such as Miss SA who should be at the forefront of representing human rights disregarding the human rights of the people of Palestine,” said an activist.

“I do not see the reason why Miss South Africa should not go to Miss Universe. It’s just politics and it’s useless,” an activist said.

Activists call for Miss Universe pageant boycott: