Ramaphosa hopes for a high voter turnout in 2024 elections

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President Cyril Ramaphosa says they hope to get better returns from the number of potential voters who have registered to cast their ballots in the forthcoming elections.

South Africans are going to the 7th democratic polls on the 29th of May.

The Voters’ Roll closed at midnight last night after Ramaphosa’s proclamation of the date. At least almost 28 million South Africans have registered to vote, with over 12 million potential voters having shown no interest in voting.

Ramaphosa says they hope all the 28 million registered voters will participate in the democratic process.

“The numbers of those who are registered are just the number and there is not much more one can do about increasing it and so forth. It is basically say there are those South Africans who are going to participate in the elections so that is what it. So, this is what it, sometimes we wish that it could have been a much higher number but that’s what it is, so we are go to elections with 28 million who are eligible to vote and hope that we are going to have a much return in terms of those who will vote on the day.”