Opposition benches uninspired by NW SOPA

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Opposition parties in the North West Legislature have criticized acting Premier Nono Maloyi’s State of the Province Address (SOPA) saying it was full of empty promises.

Maloyi delivered the speech at the Provincial Legislature in Mahikeng.

Caucus leader of the DA in the Legislature Freddy Sonakile says Maloyi’s speech did not meet his expectations.

“If you listen to the 2019 SOPA, that is where most of them were introduced as their five-year plans for the province. They should have come today to say were these achieved or not. We cannot be talking another administration, he is already committing government that is to come and we are not even sure which government is going to be. So, it was him hallucinating in front of the people of North West, and it was uninspiring.”

The official opposition in the province, the EFF, says municipalities throughout the province have collapsed.

Chairperson of EFF in the North West, Shakes Botswe had this to say, “As we speak today all those infrastructures that they have inherited from both the Bophuthatswana and apartheid regime has collapsed. Most of the buildings are dilapidated, the roads are in a terrible situation. Our municipalities have collapsed.”

Meanwhile, earlier Maloy appealed to the public to respect the privacy of Premier Bushy Maape.

Maloyi made this plea while delivering the SOPA.

He was appointed to act in this position, due to Maape’s illness.

Maloyi said, “It is my great honour to have been appointed by Premier Kaobitsa Bushy Maape to act on his behalf and have the unique opportunity to deliver the State of the Province Address.”

“Honorable Speaker, we wish to caution and plead with the public and parties represented in this legislature to appreciate the balance between the complexity of holding the premier accountable and respecting his human dignity, and privacy of his health information. We wish to take this opportunity to wish Premier Maape well on his ongoing medical treatment,” he added.