Evacuated Simon’s Town residents cleared to return home

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Cape Town’s Disaster Risk Management Centre says those in the South Peninsula who had to evacuate parts of Simon’s Town, Glencairn, as well as the surrounds due to fears of vegetation fires can go back to their homes now.

A spokesperson for the Centre, Sonica Lategan, says the Joint Operation Centre (JOC) close to the fire zone has confirmed this.

The figure of how many residents have had to leave their houses since the beginning of the week is not available yet.

Lategan says a few roads in the area remain closed for now.

“The Joint Operations Centre has confirmed that all persons who were asked to evacuate during this week’s fires have been cleared to return home. Given that the firefighting efforts have been scaled back, there is also no need for further donations. The Disaster Risk Management Centre wishes to thank members of the public and businesses who provided much-needed refreshments for front-line workers over the past few days.”

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