Search for two congregants at Kliprivier resumes

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The search for the two people who are presumed to have been swept away during a cleansing ceremony along the Kliprivier stream in Olifantsvlei south of Johannesburg has resumed.

The families of the 21-year-old man and the 18-year-old woman are devastated and are demanding answers from the traditional healer who performed the ceremony.

The two were washed away on Saturday night.

The mother of the woman, who has opted to remain anonymous, says she is hurt.

Johannesburg Emergency Management Services (EMS) spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi says, “The search for two young missing people who were washed away on Saturday night while conducting a cleansing ritual, will resume again this morning along Kliprivier river stream. That is after it was suspended yesterday to allow the river stream to give off.”

The video below reports more on the story: