Constrained water supply in Jhb this weekend

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Johannesburg Water says it plans to partially disconnect water supply this weekend.

The disconnection will be from nine o’clock in the evening to four o’clock in the morning. This in a bid to allow struggling reservoirs to recover.

Most parts of the Metro, especially in the south of Johannesburg, have been grappling with low water pressure for almost a month. The ongoing rolling blackouts and extreme hot weather conditions are said to have contributed to the current situation.

Some areas such as Eikenhof, Brixton and Orange Farm remain constrained with tankers being used as an intervention.

Joburg Water spokesperson, Logan Munsamy, “So, that means that the valves will be partially closed, not be 100% closed because if we do that then there’s air. And air and water does not mix. And you get the results in bursts. So, there is a degree of water that goes into the area. But there are systems that we need to close overnight because if we do not do that, we cannot build sufficient storage to supply water during the day.”

SABC reporter Hasina Gori updates: