Caster Semenya’s lawyers have released the names of 10 medical and sport professionals who will give evidence on her behalf at the Court of Arbitration for Sport this week.

The 10 experts will counter the evidence of the five named by the athletics federation, IAAF, yesterday.

The IAAF is proposing to institute rules to limit the levels of naturally produced testosterone in female athletes.

Like the IAAF, the team that Semenya, Athletics South Africa (ASA) and the Department of Sport have put together includes experts in gynaecology and endocrinology from around the world.

Many of them have done specific research into athletes with differences of sexual development.

Also there is an expert in the field of science and technology policy‚ and another whose field is making statistical analyses of medical data.

There are also three people to talk about the physical and psychological harm these rules might cause to affected women.

The hearing is expected to last through most of the week.

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