The University of Cape Town has announced an 8% increase in tuition fees, as well as an accommodation increase of 10% for residences for 2018.

The university says it delayed the announcement while seeking greater clarity on President Jacob Zuma’s recent announcement on funding and fees.

President Zuma announced far-reaching policy changes in which higher education would be fully-funded for students from poor and working class homes.

UCT says there is still considerable uncertainty on whether and how the policy announced by the president will be introduced.

On Thursday Fees-Must-Fall students’ leader, Fasiha Hassan, said there is an urgent need for students, universities, the Higher Education Department, National Treasury and other stakeholders to discuss the way forward on funding free higher education.

This after President Zuma’s recent announcement, which was met with mixed reactions.

The Presidency released a statement at the weekend detailing plans to subsidise free education for poor and working-class households.

President Zuma on Higher education fees (Text)