The infamous Lion called “Sylvester” or  “Spook” has settled down in a concession area of Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape.

This week marks his first anniversary in his new home.

He became well known for escaping from the Karoo National Park on more than one occasion.

It’s been a year since the dramatic search for this king of the jungle, his capture, and subsequent relocation to the Eastern Cape.

Jeandre Nothnagel head ranger at Kuzuko Lodge and Game Reserve says he is doing well. “The transition went well –  he is more relaxed and not jittery like before. He runs the show here.”

On the menu is a large Eland, a meal that will last him two to three days.

His human parents believe his two “great escapes” from the Karoo National Park were justified.

Gerhard de Lange of Kuzuko Lodge says Sylvester was scared of two older lions at the Karoo National Park and that he was an ousted lion. “He never had a pack. He was in danger, and that’s why he had to flee. He had to escape or be killed.”

Cupid’s arrow has also found its mark.

Catharina De Lange of Kuzuko Lodge & Game Reserve says: “He is happy. He found love and we are hopeful that soon we will be welcoming little cubs.”