Police are investigating the brutal murder of two school security guards who were attacked and one critically injured at Ukusa High School in Hammarsdale, Durban.

KwaZulu-Natal Education MEC Kwazi Mshengu said the attackers are believed to have used a crowbar in the attack in an attempt to steal newly installed computers.

He also described the incident as shocking and said security has been beefed up at the school.

Mshengu said, “We woke up yesterday [Wednesday] to the sad news that two security guards had been mercilessly killed by unknown assailants and the other one is fighting for his life in hospital…”

The assailants wanted to steal new computers that were installed in that school and tried to break in through the principal’s office.

“After they butchered them [security guards] they tried to gain access to the store room, which they couldn’t access and then they left them to die in the classroom. It means that this was a group of people because the guards were three,” added Mshengu.

The police are investigating.