Investigative journalist, Peter Louis-Myburgh says he is ready for any disruptions that might occur during the Cape Town launch of his controversial new book ‘Gangster State: Unravelling Ace Magashule’s web of capture.’

On Tuesday evening, at the launch in Johannesburg, a group of people – some wearing ANC T-shirts disrupted the event at Exclusive Books in Sandton City.

There has been public outrage at the disruption from which the ANC has distanced itself.

Myburgh says he will not halt the launch of the book in other cities.

“Any attempt to label this as a political smear campaign really just is a continuation of the ANC’s inability to deal with the facts that the book unpacks. They are not taking an opportunity to engage on the matters highlighted in the book. The fact that there’s a palm of the party that now threatens to burn books and tear up books is really a blatant show of anti-intellectualism.”

“From my side, the launch of the book will be continuing to roll out. All the launch events will continue unhindered.”

Meanwhile, the South African National Editor’s Forum (Sanef) has called on the ANC and Sanco to take steps to discipline those behind the disruption of the book.

Sanef says the suppression of freedom of speech has no place in the country’s democracy.

Sanef deputy Chairperson, Katy Katopodis says: “We are very pleased that the ANC has condemned this and has distanced itself. We are also very pleased to note that the ANC Secretary General Ace Makgashule himself distanced himself and condemned this.”

“We know that there is a plan for more such protests and book burning to take place across the country. And the more politicians can stand up and strongly condemn such incidents, then that would be the best thing for our democracy, especially in this time of elections.”

ANCYL retracts intention to burn book

The ANCYL in the Free State says it will do all in its power to protect ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule from propaganda.

The movement says the Pieter-Louis Myburgh’s book, “Gangster State seeks to discredit the ANC ahead of the upcoming May general elections.

However, the ANCYL has retracted from its initial intention to burn the book. Leader of the tripartite alliance have also weighed in on the matter.

They say they reject all claims in the newly launched book.

FS ANCYL Spokesperson, Sello Pietersen says, “As the youth league, we still contend that this particular book does not belong to the shelves of our own country. It is simply a propaganda machinery inspired by STRATCOM precisely because they have an intention of creating a cloud around the leadership of the ANC.”