Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) deputy president, Floyd Shivambu, has appealed to EEF Students Command members to reach out to communities and educate citizens about the core values and principles of the party.

He was addressing the EFF Students Command at the East London campus of Fort Hare University.

He says the EFF is the only party that will safeguard the expropriation of land without compensation.

“We are calling on all the young people, students in particular to rise and defend their future. It’s the only way we can safeguard expropriation of land without compensation and free education. Young people must go to the communities and not be stuck in universities whenever they can.  They must say the future belongs to EFF those who are in power have failed dismally to bring about quality changes.”

Chairperson of the EFF Student Command, Mihla Hanise, says they are willing to campaign for the EFF ahead of the 8 May general elections.

“We are committed in making sure that we contribute towards the NPE which means the national and provincial elections of the EFF. So we are accepting the challenge by the deputy president to ensure that we mobilise the students to rally behind the banner of the EFF in the upcoming elections.”