The Defence Department has sent condolences to the family of Air Force Brigadier-General Motlhokomedi Kenneth Petso.

His body was discovered on Tuesday at an Atteridgeville cemetery following his disappearance.

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding Petso’s death.

Colonel Eugene Motati representing Defence and Military Veterans says: “The circumstances of the general’s death are not known yet, that is still a matter of investigation. The police are hard at work jointly with our colleagues from the Military police as well as defence intelligence to patch up and put pieces together and resolve this matter. General Petso was integrated like all others in 1994 and he was a pilot by trade and he was appointed general officer commanding, worked at Waterkloof. He was a very pleasant man and a very rounded officer so to speak, a gentleman at heart and we will miss him for a very long time. Yes we are saddened as the family of the air force. As the military community and South Africans because this was just not expected.”