The African National Congress (ANC) in Johannesburg is confident that they will succeed in ousting Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba, in a planned motion of no confidence on the 22nd of August.

A month ago, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema said his party would no longer be voting with the democrats in the Metros. A decision which may give the opposition the upper-hand.

The ANC in Johannesburg believes that the city under Mashaba is now in a financial crisis.

“We are confident this time around that we will win in this motion. We have met with other parties and we’ve convinced them. It doesn’t matter if the EFF votes for the DA or does not vote for them. It doesn’t matter because we are not concerned with the stance of the EFF,” says Dada Morero who is the ANC Johannesburg regional secretary.

Last month, EFF leader, Julius Malema announced that his party will no longer be voting with the DA in municipalities.

“We took a decision that we will no longer be voting with the DA in all municipalities of South Africa where the DA requires the vote of the EFF. We also not voting with the ANC. We will participate in the debate, we will make inputs, but if anything requires voting, we will abstain,” Malema explained.

The ANC has recently claimed ward 109 from the DA in Malboro in the previous by elections, a move that has been labelled a victory.

“The win of ward 109 is to give an indication that the ANC is on the right trade of victory. People have gained confidence in the ANC. This is because of the actions and attitudes that the ANC has adopted since the Nasrec Conference,” adds Morero.

Time will tell if the motion against the Mayor will be successful. Mashaba could not be reached for a comment. -Reporting by Natasha Phiri