Zuma made it clear that private prosecution is about removing Downer: Lawyer

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State prosecutor Billy Downer’s legal team is arguing in the Pietermaritzburg High Court that former president Jacob Zuma has made it clear in court papers that his private prosecution is about removing Downer as prosecutor in his corruption trial.

Zuma is charging Downer with illegally leaking a confidential doctor’s letter to legal journalist Karyn Maughan in the course of the corruption trial.

However, a full bench of the Pietermaritzburg High Court set aside the private prosecution last month, saying it is unlawful.

Downer and Maughan have brought another urgent application to keep the order in place until Zuma’s appeal against the June ruling is concluded.

Downers advocate, Geoff Budlender says, “Its a case of the accused attempting to retaliate and turn the tables by instituting a private a prosecution against the person who is prosecuting him on behalf of the state. If this sort of conduct is permitted to continue notwithstanding a fully and extensive reasoned of a full court of this court, it will be an invitation by well resourced persons to engage in the same conduct. The administration of justice will suffer in this case and other cases. ”

VIDEO: Legal analyst weighs in on Zuma vs Downer, Maughan case: