A shutdown is looming in Zimbabwe on Thursday as labour unions vow to go ahead with planned protest action against the new government tax, and price increases.

This is despite a police ban on the march as they are still trying to contain a cholera outbreak.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions has called on people to join street marches in Harare and five other towns and cities to protest against the worsening economic situation.

Leading fast food chains in Zimbabwe have shut their doors as the cash crunch in the country deteriorates just two months after President Emmerson Mnangagwa won elections.

Political Analyst Alexander Rusero says the economic crisis is hitting everyone irrespective of political affiliation.

“Unfortunately, in Zimbabwe you have a divided citizenry; it’s not everyone who is crying foul because of the crisis. There is not a uniform front in as much as citizens are concerned. Zimbabwe has always remained a polarised nation. So, it can’t be citizen movement. But definitely the economic crisis is biting everyone. It is not discriminatory in terms of which political party you’re affiliated with. So, as much as the government does not take action, everyone very soon will find home in the streets.”

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