Zimbabwe political parties sign peace pledge

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Zimbabwe’s political parties have signed a peace pledge on Tuesday in Harare ahead of elections in July.

The peace pledge is a code of conduct that commits presidential candidates and their different parties to campaign peacefully, and also encourages tolerance among the different political parties.

The recent Bulawayo explosion at the rally of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, killed two of the president’s security officers and was the first serious violence in the current election campaign.

But that didn’t deter political parties to commit to peaceful campaigning and voting.

The 23 candidates are standing for president without former president Robert Mugabe since independence in 1980.

The Peace Pledge is the brainchild of the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission.

According to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), there are 55 political parties taking part in the elections, out of the 130 registered with the commission.

The election has 247 independent candidates also contesting for various seats in council and parliament.

Some say the peace pledge is a great step towards building trust in Zimbabwe’s national body polity and a historic moment as the international community attended the event.

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