South Africa’s flautist and musical export Wouter Kellerman says his nomination for the 2022 Grammy Awards in the Best New Age category is more exciting than when he was first nominated seven years ago.

This is Kellerman’s third nomination for the prestigious musical trophy. He has already won one in 2014 for his album ‘Winds of Samsara’.

Kellerman says that his music is meant to unite people and that’s how he would like his achievement to be celebrated here at home.

“The album is called Pangea, after the super continent that existed before it broke apart into the present continents. So, the music calls for unity in these divided times. So, people can celebrate this music, by standing together and looking for aspects that will bring us together rather than divide us,” says Kellerman.

It’s collaboration with American composer and music producer David Arkenstone.

Kellerman says he found out about his nomination while travelling in California, in the US.

“This is my third nomination and it’s definitely as exciting, if not more exciting than the first one. We created this music during a pandemic and it felt like we were in a vacuum, because we weren’t performing and we were a bit worried whether the music will actually connect in a way that we had intended. So, to hear that people are connecting to the music and that my peers are valuing the music means the world to me,” adds Kellerman.

VIDEO: Wouter Kellerman wins Grammy Award