Workers must be given time off to cast their votes: NEDLAC

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The National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) has called on employers to allow workers time off to cast their votes in the 29th of May general elections.

With just 25- days left to the polls, NEDLAC has urged employers offering essential services or requiring staff to be present on election day, to ensure that adequate provisions are made for employees to visit their designated voting stations.

NEDLAC’s Business Convenor Kaizer Moyane says, “It is a public holiday but there are some businesses that will be trading on the 29th- despite it being a public holiday. So, what we are calling on employers to do is to balance the business interest with the human rights, if you like, of the workers that are eligible to vote, to go and cast their vote on the 29th of May. There are practical ways of doing this.”

Moyane adds that if employers resort to docking salaries of workers who went to vote, the employer could be charged with unfair labour practice.

“If an employee was entitled to be off, as in they’re not in essential services, they should be paid for the day, regardless of the nature of the contract. If an employer was to dock their salary, it will be an unfair labour practice and the Department of Labour and the CCMA- will be on the employee’s side in that regard.”

Elections 2024 | NEDLAC calls on employers to allow workers time to cast their vote