The White House has defended US President Donald Trump calling a former aide a “dog” after the said person confirmed she’d heard a recording where the President used the N-word multiple times.

Omarosa Manigault Newman was fired from her position as Director of Communications at the Office of Public Liaison late last year – a post that made her the highest-ranking black woman in the White House until December 2017.

Omarosa, who like the President is a former reality television star, has been sharing dirt on the White House as a prelude to the release of her tell all book ‘Unhinged’ this week.

She’s been making the rounds on some of the most popular TV networks in the United States calling the President a racist, accusing him of using the n-word, recorded on tape, during the filming of the reality show The Apprentice.

Omarosa Manigault Newman: “I have heard for two years that it existed and once I heard it for myself it confirmed what I feared the most – that Donald Trump is a con and has been masquerading as someone who is actually open to engaging with diverse communities. I had a blind spot where it came to Donald Trump. I wanted to see the best in him and obviously I failed miserably.”

In one of the tweets fired off by the President in response – he described his former employee a crazed, crying lowlife and praising his Chief of Staff John Kelly for quickly firing quote “that dog”.

In a separate tweet, he said he received a call from the Executive Producer of The Apprentice who said there were no tapes of him using the n-word, that he doesn’t have it in his vocabulary and never has.

This below transcribed text was his Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in an exchange with a reporter at Tuesday’s White House briefing: “I think the President is certainly voicing his frustration with the fact that this person has shown a complete lack of integrity particularly by the action following her time here at the White House.”

Reporter: “Why did he hire her, why did he hire someone he’s describing as a dog, as a low life?”

Huckabee Sanders: “The President wanted to give her a change and he made clear when General Kelly came on and he voiced concerns that this individual didn’t have the best interests of the white house, the president and the country at heart, the President said do what you can to get along and if you can’t, he gave him full authority to carry out the decision to let her go.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was also asked if she could guarantee that the American public would never hear the President utter the n-word on a recording or in any other context.

Huckabee Sanders: “I can’t guarantee anything but I can tell you that the president addressed this question directly, I can tell you that I’ve never heard it. I can also tell you that if myself or the people that are in the building serving this country every single day, doing our very best to help people all across this country and make it better, if at any point we felt that the President was who some of his critics claim him to be, we certainly wouldn’t be here.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders then also went on to blame the media for creating a large platform for someone like Omarosa, who she said didn’t have much credibility until she left the White House and started attacking the administration.

She said she’d be happy to focus rather on policy matters, criticizing the media’s wall-to-wall coverage of Omarosa’s claims that includes the president himself tweeting about it.

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