Western Cape warns beach goers of spring tide

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The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) has urged beach goers to be extremely cautious when visitng beaches along the Western Cape coastline as the province experiences a new moon spring tide this week.

NSRI spokesperson, Craig Lambinon, says water users along the coastline, such as swimmers and anglers are particularly at risk as the new moon spring tide will make rip-currents at beaches stronger.

He says around the coastline the high-tide is higher than normal and the low-tide is lower than normal and rip currents will subsequently be much stronger than normal.

Lambinon says: “We urging all people going to beaches to go to beaches only where and when the lifeguards are on duty. Obey the safety instructions of lifeguards and swim within the safe demarcated swimming zones that they post using their red and yellow flags.

The effects of this spring tide will last until the end of this week.

Lambinon says the next spring tide is the full moon spring tide on the 2nd of January.