Western Cape partners with private sector for youth job creation

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The Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism, in partnership with 12 employers in the private sector, say they are on a drive to place in jobs about 5 000 young people this year alone.

The partnership says about a thousand young people were matched to job opportunities during the launch of the program in Athlone on the Cape Flats this weekend.

Minister in the Department Mireille Wenger says unemployed youth of the ages between 18 and 34 with a grade 12 or equivalent qualifications will receive a 12-month on-the-job learnership, including a monthly stipend.

Wenger says upon completion of the programme, about 80% will transition into formal jobs.

“What is truly impressive is that 80% of those who complete the programme are transitioned into a formal job, giving them the opportunity to live a life they value, to support themselves and their families. We will continue to partner with key stakeholders in the private sector so we can help create many more opportunities for those wishing to find work in the province,” Wenger adds.