The Western Cape Ministry of Environmental Affairs has called on consumers and visitors to the province to implement responsible water use in the coming months, regardless of the levels of dams in any particular area.

The average level of dams supplying the City of Cape Town is 84% and for the province nearly 67%, up three percentage points from this time in 2018.

This follows the surprise summer rains that fell during the past ten days.

Minister Anton Bredell says the increased levels are reassuring, but the concern about the situation in the Karoo and the West Coast remains a big worry.  Bredell has urged the public to use water responsibly and sparingly.

Meanwhile, residents of Pretoria and Johannesburg are urged to conserve water.  Good rains have fallen in parts of Gauteng – but the water situation remains dire.

In Johannesburg, residents are facing level two water restrictions – which means people cannot water their gardens between six in the morning and six in the evening.

Hosepipes are not allowed for the washing of cars or the cleaning of paved areas. Many other areas across the country are experiencing water shortages.

Experts say heatwaves will intensify over parts of the country as climate change worsens.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the worst affected region in the world in terms of temperature increases.

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