Western Cape ready for its annual Cape Town Cycle Tour

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Western Cape Premier Alan Winde says the City is ready for the influx of local and international cyclists participating in the annual Cape Town Cycle Tour today.

The Premier has described the cycle race as an amazing economic driver, injecting millions of rands into the City of Cape Town’s economy.

The Cycle Tour is well-known for its scenic and challenging 109-kilometre route around the Cape Peninsula.

Winde says road closures may inconvenience the public.

“It is an amazing economic drive and an amazing event. Something that I also want to say is well done to everyone who has entered, I wish you the best of luck.”

“Also, for the citizens of Cape Town, especially those around the route as their homes get blocked and businesses get blocked on this one day of the year where they cannot get in and out but they know it is good for the City. So thank you very much for your tolerance.”