As the partial US government shutdown enters its 29th day, there are indications that talks have been taking place between President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and advisor, Jared Kushner, and senior Republican figures – that may lead to a new proposal.

The continuing United States government shutdown since December 21, 2018 is impacting the life of more and more Americans.

The shutdown has not only affected 800 000 federal employees who were forced to go on furlough or work without pay, but also made those low-income people relying on government assistance, including food stamps programs, face uncertainties.

Many food banks worry that the ongoing shutdown would affect food supply in March.

In the meantime, the stresses imposed on those low-income families are considered unconscionable.

“I think that the stress that is causing on these families is absolutely unconscionable and unnecessary,” said Kimberly Cox, director of the Father McKenna food bank.

The food bank also set a special zone for federal employees, but not many of them visited for free food.

“I think a lot people’s pride gets in their way of not going to the food banks. That’s one of the problems. And then, they don’t know the programs that are out there,” said Anthony, an employee of the United States Postal Service.

Some experts believe that the shutdown is actually not about the money, but power politics.

“This is really about power politics at this point. It’s really over a couple of billion dollars which is a drop in the bucket in the U.S. federal budget. So, it’s really not about the money, and it’s not so much about the policy. The longer this goes on, the more issues we are going to see where people’s lives are impacted by the federal government failing them,” said Lester Munson, an American political analyst.

The shutdown is due to Trump’s refusal to sign off on funding for a host of departments, in retaliation for the Democratic-led House’s refusal to approve his more than R70-billion US-Mexico border wall project.

Federal government employees are urging the government to stop the shutdown and resume the payment of workers as it’s negatively affecting their pockets.

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