At least 15 thought to be dead after bus crash in Mexico: Officials

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At least 15 people are thought to have died and 21 more injured in a bus crash in the coastal Mexican state of Nayarit in the early hours of Thursday, state officials said.

Local media had earlier reported that as many as 24 could have died when the passenger bus crashed off the highway into a ravine in western Mexico.

“At the scene there were 21 injured people of various ages who were attended to, as well as 15 people who are presumed to be without signs of life,” Nayarit Civil Protection and Firefighters said in a post on social media.

“Work is being done to remove them from the site.”

The crash happened near Barranca Blanca on the highway outside state capital Tepic, officials said, adding that the Elite passenger bus was heading towards Tijuana.

Elite did not immediately respond to a request for comment.