UK Queen Elizabeth’s life features in a new comic book

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The life of Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, is celebrated in a new comic book by Tidal Wave Comics, covering her public and private life, big events, family scandals, and crises.

The queen died on September 8 aged 96 and was laid to rest alongside her beloved husband Prince Philip on September 19 after a day in which Britain and the world paid her a final farewell, in a dazzling show of pomp and ceremony.

The 30-page glossy, part of the publisher’s “Tribute” series, starts with the royal beekeeper notifying the palace hive of the queen’s death, a centuries-old tradition rooted in superstition about honey production.

“I wanted to start small – the legend of the bees – and end large – the funeral viewed by millions worldwide,” co-writer Michael Frizell said in a statement. “That was a fitting way to depict her 70-year reign.”

Among the 2 000 congregation at Westminster Abbey, where monarchs have been married, buried and crowned over the last 1 000 years, were some 500 presidents, prime ministers, foreign royal family members and dignitaries.

The book, released on Wednesday, is available digitally and in hard and soft covers.